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When your pregnancy is confirmed by the GP, you will be referred to the midwife who will take over your care and complete the required documentation. She will see you regularly during her clinics and refer you back to the GP at set intervals to check your blood test results and the presentation of the baby.

Postnatal and baby checks are carried out 6 - 12 weeks after the birth.

72 Hour Baby Checks

If the neonatal check is not carried out in hospital prior to discharge, the doctors will visit to undertake neonatal checks within 72 hours of babies being delivered.

Baby Clinic

Tuesday 2.00 - 4.00pm.

On receipt of your reminder from the Child Health Service, please telephone and make an appointment in this clinic at the surgery for the immunisation of babies or for pre-school boosters.

Minor Surgery

Tuesday to Friday afternoons
The doctors have the necessary skills and experience to carry out minor surgery operations within the practice. These include muscle, tendon and joint injections, incisions and excisions.


It is practice policy (in concert with national guidelines) not to freeze childhood warts/verrucas as it is a painful, unpleasant procedure and not advised. Please see the pharmacist for information and further advice on management. (ND: not recommended for children.)

Ear Syringing

Our ear-washout equipment was recently withdrawn due to a manufacturing issue that is not expected to be resolved. As there is no alternative supplier of suitable equipment we regret that we will no longer be able to offer this facility.

Other options are available: DIY kits are available through pharmacies or online, and there are private clinics available although not at this practice.

Annual Reviews

If you suffer from particular medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, chronic cardiovascular disease etc you will receive letters requesting that you attend for a medical review with our specialist nurses. The doctors are very keen for their patients to have their reviews undertaken by the specialist nurses and it would be appreciated if you would book the appointment stipulated in the letter. We are obliged to send you three letters if we do not receive a response.


Patients who believe that they would benefit from counselling may opt to use the service offered by italk.

Click on the 'Self Referral' link on the left of this page to find out more.

Near Patient Testing

Patients being prescribed Methotrexate, Gold Injections, Sulphasalazine or Penicillamine will receive appropriate education and advice on management of and prevention of secondary complications of their condition.

Travelling Abroad

You are required to complete a travel questionnaire which is available at reception or click here to either download the form or complete online. Once completed, it should be handed in at reception and the nurse will check the immunisation requirements for the relevant holiday area against your medical record. The receptionist will then contact you to arrange an appointment for you. Ideally the immunisation should be arranged at least six to eight weeks in advance of your holiday to ensure adequate cover. A charge will be made for certain immunisations and vaccinations that are not covered by the NHS.

If you are residing for more than three months abroad, the NHS is only required to provide you with sufficient medication for your journey and for you to register with a doctor abroad.

Family Planning Clinic

Our health promotion nurse Tracey Hussey runs clinics where patients can receive support and advice in relation to contraception and sexual health.

Emergency contraception is always available at the surgery.

Intra-uterine Contraceptives (Coils)

Dr Robins, Dr Murray and Dr Coombs are qualified to fit coils.

Influenza and Pneumonia Vaccination

Clinics run from early autumn to December each year. Vaccination against influenza is recommended annually. It is currently recommended that most adults will only need one dose of pneumonia vaccination in their lifetime.

Both vaccinations are recommended for all patients aged 65 and over. They are also recommended for patients with heart, lung, liver or kidney disease, diabetes, as well as for carers and residents of nursing and rest homes.

Please contact the reception staff in September to make an appointment. If you are housebound a home visit can be arranged with the secretaries.

Blood Tests

If your GP or nurse at your surgery has asked you to have a blood test, this will be done at the surgeryAppointments are available Monday-Friday mornings at the Practice.

If your hospital consultant has asked you to have a blood test, this will not usually be done at your GP practice.  See here for hospital clinics: Blood Tests

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